Tribute Wall
Honoring loved ones through the gift of giving

Make a donation of $10 or more to the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless and we will recognize an individual of your
choice on our Tribute Wall. The Coalition's Tribute Wall is a meaningful way to honor someone special to you while supporting our mission.

Click here to make a donation in honor of a loved one, and include your tribute message in the form. 


 In Celebration of Margaret Frazier-Plodzik's Birthday
Ed and Margaret

In Memory of Wendy Crater

Ken Crater
December 2016

In Memory of Paul Butler

Rest in Peace
Laura Smith Manning

A Tribute to Marty & Carol Thrope
From the family you made for helping families trying to make it.
We love you! Happy 25th Anniversary!
Juliana Lewis

A Tribute to Mary Weeks
Weston Golf Club 18 Hole Ladies
My contribution to the event. See you soon,
Mary O'Brien

In Memory of Douglass Payne
Wendy Payne

A Tribute to Fikile Brushett
Birthday Birthday Birthday!
Have a lovely birthday old man:)
Rachel Brushett

A Tribute to Andrew Byers
Andrew is donating some of his birthday gift money to the Coalition!

A Tribute to Kelly Turley
Kelly's work is amazing. She deserves a Nobel Prize - but this will have to do.
Judith Liben

A Tribute to Becky Schwenk
Happy Birthday Mom!
In honor of all your contributions to bettering children's lives, a donation has been made in your honor!
Meredith Robertson

A Tribute to Leah Goodman
In honor of Bubba's strong spirit.
Sarra Spierer

A Tribute to Anna Lucia Dubois
We love you Anna.
We miss you!
Lucille and Jim Dubois

A Tribute to Gayle Kaufman
Gayle worked to make those around her and her community a better place to live.
Wishing Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless all the best.
Andrew Biewener

A Tribute to Ellen Bresner
Ellen retired as an educator in 2015. In lieu of gifts, she asked for donations to charities including Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless.
This act is a testament to the person Ellen is and the impact she has had on all around her.
Congratulations to Ellen on her retirement!
Kevin Kmiec

A Tribute to Harriet W. Schley
In honor of my mom who believed in giving.
With love,
Martha Thayer

A Tribute to Patricia Curran, SND
Merry Christmas Aunt Patricia!
Thought you would appreciate this donation being made in your name.
With love,
Mary Lou Quinlan

A Tribute to Chrissy Kopp
Merry Christmas, picked from your wish list.
Mark Schultz

A Tribute to Nolan Dickinson
Thank you for donating your Christmas gift to a Bed for Every Child!
A needy child is grateful to you.
Dianne Rickson

In Honor of Steve and Natasha
Merry Christmas!
Alison and Brad Sweeney

Steve Schmaltz
In Your Honor
Thanks for caring for these kids!
Merry Christmas,
Carol Curtain

A Tribute to Matthew Swaim
Christmas 2015

My beloved wife Katherine
In beloved memory
With Love Always,
Herman F. Woerner

Amanda Kimmel, Denise Karlin and Bill Jarosz
A gift in recognition of your passion for this cause.
Melanie Chavin

A Tribute to Chris Pouliot
Thank you for making the world brighter in so many ways!
Happy Everything.
With Love,
Judith Dein

A Tribute to Ellen Bresner
It has been such an honor to know and learn from you.
I am so grateful that we have crossed paths in this lifetime.

In Loving Memory of Mary L. Nicol Crater

With Sympathy,
Donna Conley

In Memory of Wendy Crater
Kenneth Crater

A Tribute to Mallaika Paine
Happy birthday! Thank you for inviting me to your party.
Tanya Kaplan

A Tribute to Mallaika Paine
Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful year sweetie.
Melissa Oliveira

In Memory of Bella Bond
May Bella, and all children who die of violence and neglect, rest in peace.
May all our children be surrounded by the love they need to thrive and be happy.
Bob and Betsy Clifford

Sylvia Slochover
In Memory of Sylvia Slochover
Mr. and Mrs. Rober Slochover

Tom Sobczynski
Thank you
Sincerely, RTI Hero Rewards

Leon Oglesby
Happy Father's Day

I always had a warm bed. Thank You!!

Gail Hull
So grateful that I always felt warm and safe.
Thank you for everything you do. Happy Mother's Day!

Silka Rothschild
A very happy birthday to you, Silka!
Thanks for a great visit.

Marion Yoga Loft
Great event to help a worthy cause!

Keep 'em coming!
Ross & Erika

Donna Crotty
Thank you for all you do!


Elizabeth Rich
I can't think a better way to spend money than this. We were all so lucky
thanks completely to the hard work you and Dad did everyday. Happy Birthday!
Mark, DeeDee, Emily and Allison

Larry and Ritahorgan
In your honor, we opened our hearts to help someone
else have a new home-just like you! Merry Christmas!
Love and Hugs,
Stephen and Marie

David Kluge
Remembering David

James Reed

Helen Sofranko
Dear Hiya, We made this donation in honor
of you and your love and dedication to the lives of kids.
With love,
Amy and family

Joan Scully Metz
Joan cared for the homeless

Peter Metz

Gayle Kaufman
You will always be remembered

Matthew Swaim
Donation to the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless
With love,
Nana & Papa

John Vincent Hazell
Merry Christmas donation in your name, Jack.

With Love, 
Auntie Trisha

Herminia Shermont
To acknowledge and thank you for your kind gift.
Happy Holidays
Joanne Landers

Darlene and Alex Williams
Merry Christmas

Dan, Danny and Di

Lorraine and Rita
Merry Christmas

Dan, Danny and Di

Jack and Marina Davis
Merry Christmas!

Love, Dan, Danny and Di

Doug and Joe
Merry Christmas!

Dan, Danny and Di

Richard and Catherine
Merry Christmas

The Shannon family

Dudley Family

Merry Christmas beautiful family

the Shannons

The Shannon Family
Merry Christmas Shannon family

The other Shannon family

Richard Kaloust
Ricky lived his life paying it forward.
Please accept this humble gift in his honor
God bless you,
Kim Kaloust

Calvin & Nolan Dickinson
In recognition of your compassion for children who are less fortunate, we have made a contribution in your
Honor to "A Bed For Every Child". We are so proud of the many ways you recognize and support worthy charities.
Hugs and much love,
Grammie Di & Grampy Jack

A Tribute to Craig Swanson & Cathy Poole
Dear Craig & Cathy, This year, in lieu of Christmas gifts, we are making tribute
donations to charitable organizations. This gift will help the homeless in Massachusetts.
Merry Christmas!
Kathy & Mark

A Tribute to Roland Leblanc
Happy Birthday


In Memory of Mrs. Mary & Ms. Tina Monaco
Dear Tony & Linda, Please accept our sincere
condolences and this modest gesture in memory of Mary and Tina.
With love,
Janet & Mark

A Tribute to Adele McCarthy
Happy 50th birthday, Adele.

From Deirdre

A Tribute to Dana Ravech
In celebration of your birthday.


A Tribute to Brendan Locke and Ryan Tarmey
Great job supporting your community.
We are glad that you asked us to help you.
Aunt Marsha and Uncle Bob

In Honor of John Turley
On Father's Day 2014

A Tribute to Donna Crotty
In honor of your efforts on behalf of the homeless.

Bill & Leslie Crotty

A Tribute to Andrew Byers
Happy Birthday Andrew. Ankur wanted to support
your identified cause this birthday! He had a blast today!
Kevin and Param and Ankur and Anavi

Andrew Byers
Happy Birthday, Andrew!
This sounds like an important group that is helping other people.
Theo Lewis

Joseph P. Giguere
We can make a difference in the life of 1 child.

Dotty Baslie