Ask Congress to Prioritize Housing in the Next Coronavirus Package

Ask Congress to Prioritize Housing in the Next Coronavirus Package

April 20, 2020

Please join with the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless and the National Low Income Housing Coalition in letting your members of Congress (U.S. Representative and U.S. Senators) know today that more federal resources are needed to ensure that the most vulnerable populations, including people experiencing homelessness and housing insecurity, stay safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now more than ever, it’s clear that housing is health care. People experiencing homelessness are at extreme risk during the pandemic. Many are elders, have disabilities and/or underlying medical conditions, live in crowded shelters or unsanitary conditions, and lack the ability to quarantine, isolate, and recover. The lowest-income, severely housing cost-burdened renters are at high risk of coronavirus complications as well as the threat of eviction and homelessness due to loss of income. The spread of COVID-19 among these populations threatens their health and safety - and that of us all.

The resources and provisions in the recently passed federal CARES Act were an important first step in addressing some of the urgent needs of people experiencing homelessness and those on the brink of experiencing homelessness. But much more is needed, including emergency rental assistance for the lowest-income renter households who are one missed rent payment from eviction and homelessness.

Please contact your members of Congress today and ask them to include at least $11.5 billion in Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG); a national, uniform moratorium on evictions and foreclosures; and $100 billion in emergency rental assistance and eviction prevention.

We all benefit when we prioritize the needs of the lowest-income and most marginalized people in Massachusetts and all across our country. Doing so protects the health and lives of tens of millions of people, the front-line providers serving them, and our healthcare systems.

Help make sure everyone stays healthy and safe during this time of crisis. Contact your federal legislators today. Please let us know that you took action, and about any responses you receive. 

Thank you for your advocacy!